Champion of Champions

Dun Laoghaire Bowling Club hosts the annual invitational Champion of Champions Tournament. Only the Club Champions of BLI/LBLI affiliated clubs are invited to play in this competition each July. This competition has been organised by Dun Laoghaire B.C. for over 40 years. We were honoured by the attendance and assistance of Minister Mary Hanafin in 2008 and Cllr Marie Baker in 2009 with prize giving on the Final Day of the Champion of Champions.

The Champion of Champions has been run by Dun Laoghaire Bowling Club since 1968. It is the only tournament of its kind in the Republic of Ireland and is open by invitation only to the Ladies and Men’s Club Champion from each participating BLI & LBLI Club.

Past Champions
Year Mens Ladies
1968 TH Kennedy Leinster
1969 DJ Brown Leinster
1970 TH Kennedy Leinster
1971 R Sharpe Herbert Park
1972 B Carpenter Railway Union
1973 E McEvoy Crumlin M Lee Dun Laoghaire
1974 E Donelon Clontarf H Payne Blackrock
1975 S Doyle Clontarf T Quinn Herbert Park
1976 A Farren CYM N Tackaberry Kenilworth
1977 R Shellard ICICYMA E O’Hara Herbert Park
1978 DJ Marchant Blackrock N Burnett Herbert Park
1979 TH Kennedy Herbert Park P Darcy Leinster
1980 DJ Marchant Blackrock B Dunne Bray
1981 T Murphy Blackrock M Brown Leinster
1982 P Smyth Leinster M Hoey Crumlin
1983 A Geary Blackrock M Hoey Crumlin
1984 A Geary Blackrock E Franklin Dun Laoghaire
1985 F Brady CYM D Raynor Crumlin
1986 I Gillen Blackrock M Lee Dun Laoghaire
1987 P Moorhead Leinster M Kelly Herbert Park
1988 TP Smyth Leinster P Nolan Bray
1989 W Doyle Bray M McCrudden Crumlin
1990 G Rutledge St Brendan’s P Nolan Bray
1991 J Carpenter Leinster
1992 R Savage Aer Lingus P Murphy Bray
1993 T Sisk CYM M Hoey Crumlin
1994 E Coleman Aer Lingus A Tunney Kenilworth
1995 J Nolan Blackrock B Shellard ICICYMA
1996 W Doyle Bray P Nolan Blackrock
1997 JJ Murphy CYM P Brett Bray
1998 I Darcy Crumlin P Nolan Blackrock
1999 W Doyle Bray M Hoey Crumlin
2000 I Gillen Blackrock M Hoey Crumlin
2001 E Doherty Crumlin P Nolan Blackrock
2002 G Rutledge Ierne P Brett Bray
2003 M Scanlon Blackrock P Nolan Blackrock
2004 F McCarthy CYM T Reinhardt Herbert Park
2005 W Doyle Bray M Murphy Blackrock
2006 D Patrick Crumlin E Gorman St James’s Gate
2007 N Smyth Leinster P Nolan Blackrock
2008 J Leonard St James Gate N Kelly Crumlin
2009 N Smyth Leinster I Culligan CYM
2010 N Maher Crumlin P McDonagh Leinster
2011 N Roche Leinster P Nolan Blackrock
2012 M O’Looney Aer Lingus P Brett Bray
2013 S Millane St. James Gate N Kelly Crumlin
2014 TP Smyth Leinster R Brown Dun Laoghaire
2015 T Murray Meath R Brown Dun Laoghaire
2016 TP Smyth Leinster M McNevin Crumlin
2017 J Byrne Crumlin N Kelly Crumlin
2018 R Leonard St James Gate M Kenny Leinster
2019 R Leonard St James Gate P MacDonagh Leinster
2020 Not Run COVID
2021 M Brown Dun Laoghaire N Kelly Crumlin