2022 Winter Mixed Pairs Final

Below are a few photographs of the players as well as the spectators.  We were very lucky with the weather for this the first annual final of the Winter Mixed Pairs competition, our newest Domestic Competition.

Our congratulations to Catherine Hackett and Anto Grey who have the distinction of being the first winners.  Our commiserations go to Sandra Eglington and Gerry McGinley who were the gallant runners up.  Thanks also to all those who came along to view an excellent afternoon bowling as well as supporting the four finalists.


Gerry with some of his fans
Anto, Catherine, and Sandra
Before the Match
Let battle commence
The Ladies at the head
After two shots the men swap with the ladies
Bowling under a blue sky
Bowling under a blue sky
Minding the Score Board
Anto delivers a bowl
Gerry Bowling
Catherine’s turn
and finally Sandra
Some of the fans
More fans
and still more
President Ian deep in conversation with Bill
Discussing the bowling
The Club House
After the match
President Ian presents the cup to Catherine and Anto while Gerry applauds his opponents
Nothing like a cup of tea after a cold day spectating