Note to 2022 Contestants


Now that the draw has been done the time has come to start the Summer Domestic Competitions for the 2022 season.  We look forward to some great matches during the competitions and we wish all the participants the best of luck.

Before you start there are a couple of things we would like to bring to your notice.

  • The rules of the competitions and the draws as well as being displayed on the Notice Board are also available on the website under the menu item “Domestic Competitions”.
  • As well as placing the card in the appropriate box for completed cards the result should be sent to the webmaster using the Submit Domestic Result

link located in the Domestic Competitions menu.  The signed card is required in case there is a dispute about the result.

  • Whereas the draws on the notice board will be refreshed from time to time throughout the season the website draw will be updated daily and will be the definitive state of play at any given time.


As regards the rules there are a couple we wish to emphasise


  1. Rule 6 states that “you must not practice / play on the green prior to playing on the day of a match”. This rule was not adhered too during the recent Winter Mixed Pairs, but it was too late to enforce it by the time we became aware of that.  It will be strictly enforced in future and anyone in breach of the rule will be disqualified from the affected competition.
  2. Rules 9 & 10 cover playing matches by the appointed end date for that round. If you have a valid reason for not playing a match by the closing date, be sure to advise us so that an appropriate solution can be found.  If a match is not played on time and we have not received a request for a time extension, then both sides involved will be scratched from the competition.
  3. If there are any queries re the interpretation of these rules, then under rule 13 only the Competition Secretaries can rule on what is meant. If you are unsure talk to one of us and we will clarify it for you.  Do not look for clarification from anyone else.



Mike Brophy & Hazel Higgins – Competition Secretaries