Executive Committee

President:  Ruth Maybury

Vice-President:  Jim Breen

Honorary Secretary:  Eithne Deasy

Mobile 087 220 2878 e-mail honsecretarydlbc@gmail.com

Honorary Assistant Secretary. Mike Brophy

Honorary Treasurer:  Sandra Eglington

e-mail dlbowlingclub@gmail.com

Ladies’ Captain:  Margaret Woods

Men’s Captain:  Paul Kingston

Vice Captain Ladie’s Gay Greene

Vice Captain Men James Lanigan

Development Officer Jim Breen


Safeguarding & Child Welfare Officer: Áine Salley

Mobile 087 240 8624 e-mail safeguardingofficerdl@gmail.com

The Safeguarding & Child Welfare Officer is not a member of the Executive but may attend Executive meetings when there are matters they wish to discuss with the Executive.