Winter Mixed Pairs Final

The Winter Mixed Pairs final was played on a sunny afternoon on Friday the 7th of April.  The Lions League Leaders Mike Brophy & Deirdre McMahon played the Tigers League Leaders Johnnie Green and Nuala Cassidy,

Mike and Deirdre got of to a great start but after a few ends Johnnie and Nuala dug deep and started to reel them in eventually getting into the lead and keeping that position until the final end.  At one stage there was a very close measure when two bowls were almost touching the jack.  The umpire and Competition secretary were called and after a very difficult measure the umpire Anne awarded the Shot to Johnnie and Nuala.  Are Anne and Mike still talking to each other.

The final end started with Mike and Deirdre two shots behind Johnnie and Nuala.  Mike and Johnnie bowled their two wood first and made no great impression on the head, likewise Deirdre and Nuala’s first woods.  Then Deirdre drew three shots  in a row with her final three woods and Nuala was unable to get inside her.  Johnnie fired twice with no success. Mike played a blocker with his first wood and declared the head without bowling his last wood (much to his relief).

The spectators all agreed it was a great match.  Our thanks to Lee and Hazel for organising a great competition and to Albert for the tea and cakes after the match.

See some photos below.


The finalists with Lee Waddell before the match
A very tight measure
The Victors
Receiving the cup from President Ian