Domestic Competitions Reminder

The first rounds of the following competitions must be played by Sunday the 29th of May

·         2 Bowl Singles                                     5 Matches

·         Men’s Championship Singles              4 Matches

·         Men’s Handicap Singles                      7 Matches

·         Mixed Handicap Pairs                         2 Matches

Rules 9 and 10 of the competition rules state

9. Competitors must do all in their power to play all competitions on time. However, if due to illness or other serious reason a deadline cannot be met the Competition Secretaries may at their discretion give an extension. In the event of the extended deadline not being met the person deemed to be causing the delay will be eliminated from the competition.

10. If a match is not played on time and the Competition Secretaries have not been informed of the reason both sides shall be scratched from the competition

These rules will be strictly enforced so if you are involved in any of the above matches be sure to arrange for your match to be played on or before the 29th if you have not already done so.

Short extensions can be requested from Mike or Hazel if you have a good reason for looking for one.


Regards and all the best