Finals Sunday 2021

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Finals Photos

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Club Finals 2021

CLUB FINALS – 25th & 26th SEPTEMBER 2021      
Winners in red      
10.00 am Two Bowl Pairs Anto Gray & Carmel O’Brien      
Rink 1 Versus      
  Margaret Woods & Liam Eglington      
10.00 am Mixed Pairs Paul Crowe & Áine Salley -4      
Rink 3 Versus      
  Paul Kingston & Sandra Eglington -5      
2.00pm Ladies’ Handicapped Singles Sandra Eglington 0      
Rink 2 Versus      
Marker: Hazel Higgins Rita Saunders -12      
2.00pm Men’s Handicapped Singles Anto Gray -11      
Rink 5 Versus      
Marker: Mike Brophy Paul Kingston -9      
4.00pm Two Bowl Singles Alan Drennan      
Rink 4 Versus      
Michael Cusack Anto Gray      
10.00am Men’s Handicapped Pairs Anto Gray & Sean Murray      
Rink 3 Versus      
  Michael Cusack & Liam Eglington -8      
10.00am Ladies’ Handicapped Pairs Hazel Higgins & Mary Keogh -5      
Rink 1 Versus      
  May O’Sullivan & Hilda Hennessy -5      
2.00pm Ladies Junior Singles Di Weldon      
Rink 5 Versus      
Hazel Alexander Sandra Eglington      
2.00pm Men’s Junior Singles Jonathan Morton      
Rink 4 Versus      
Mike Brophy Tom Byrne      
2.00pm Ladies Championship Rita Saunders      
Rink 2 Versus      
Marker: Anne Brophy Jacquie Connolly      
2.00pm Men’s Championship Anto Gray      
Rink 1 Versus      
Marker: Michael Cusack Nigel Teggin